Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals

I have web and blog links on this page and thought I would mention some of the great resources these are.

The Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals (ISAE), based at Wheaton College, has a site full of great information for students of theology, church history and missions.

Begun by Mark Noll and Nathan Hatch in 1982, the Institute sponsors conferences and a research program. The website includes links to their Evangelical Studies Bulletin,  a quarterly publication with great info on recent publications, doctoral research, and activities of the ISAE.

The Hall of Biography has short biographies on individuals who are or have been prominent evangelicals – it’s a great resource for starting your research! The Resources list is a bibliography of major writings on evangelicalism.

I especially think the Links list is a useful place to look at for your research – it includes links to evangelical denomination websites, research organizations and study institutes, book publishers, archives, and parachurch organizations.

Learn more about the ISAE at:

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