One aspect of serendipity to bear in mind is that you have to be looking for something in order to find something else.” – Lawrence Block.

I saw this quote on a blog I follow and thought it was a great introduction to both the “Quotes” section and the “Library Research Tips”…because gathering quotes is in a sense, an exercise in serendipity – there is an intentionality in that one finds great quotes by being an active reader (the already ‘looking for something’) but then the serendipity happens as a great quote just jumps off the page at you (Really! Doesn’t it for you as well?).

In the years that I worked writing speeches and other sorts of things I gathered a great many quotes that could be used on short notice – since writing for government agencies is often like that. When I worked with Prison Fellowship Ministries I published several annual short booklets of quotations which could be used by pastors and ministry leaders. For many years the quotes I kept were on slips of papers in files and books, eventually migrating to Word files. In the last few years I have used EndNotes and love the way I can keep track of quotes and great information from the books and journal articles I read.

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