My job as a performer is to make something memorable. If I do something nice but forgettable, it needn’t have happened. But if it sinks inside someone else’s brain and then they make connections, that’s something worth doing, because you’re going to intimate places in someone else’s psyche. I spend a lot of time thinking about what is the magical mix that can make the thing I love to do be so wonderful for others.”
—Yo-Yo Ma, interviewed by David Mermelstein, 29 July 2010

I am contributing this in honor of the great connections that can happen in the classroom…and on the mall…and in any of probably at least a hundred places around campus. Here’s to the start of a new academic year!

If you would like to read David Mermelstein’s article  “The Ever-Curious Cellist” in The Wall Street Journal, click on his name above. If you would like to hear a Yo-Yo Ma concert, our Media collection (in the Marshburn Library) has ten of his recordings.

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