To know.

I was re-reading a wonderful article by Dr. Steve Garber and thought I would share a bit from it. In the article he reflects on the life of Simone Weil and her struggle to understand her life and learning in relation to her love for Christ.

In her essay: “Reflecting Upon the Right Use of School Studies with a View to the Love of God” She wrote that “…every school exercise, thought of in this way, is like a sacrament.”  Garber writes “Sacraments point us to God. They are reminders of the deepest realities, the truest truths. Woven into the very fabric of our responsibilities and relationships as students, as faculty, as administrators, we labor towards a vision of learning to love God and to love what God loves, seeing every aspect of our academic lives as a sacrament. That is what it is to know.”

As we begin this semester, may every aspect of your life be seen as a sacrament, as we learn to love and to know God more.

Dr. Steve Garber served as the Scholar in Residence at the CCCU American Studies Program in Washington D.C. for many years and now serves as the Director of the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture. I commend his book: The Fabric of Faithfulness: Weaving Together Belief and Behavior During the University Years(InterVarsity Press, 1996) .

The article I reference is: “Loving, Mourning, and Knowing” in the Summer 2004 edition of Discernment. The essay is part of a theme issue on spiritual formation and college life. Simone Weil’s essay can be found in her book Waiting for God (Perennial, 2001, 1951.).

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