Philosophy Titles Added in 2009-2010

Here is the list of new philosophy titles that were added to our collections in the past year.  Michelle Spomer is the liaison to Undergrad Philosophy and Theology and selected many of these great resources for us. Drop by the Stamps Library to check them out (you can click on the link to see availability) !

B41 .B53 2008.
Blackburn, Simon, 1944-
The Oxford dictionary of philosophy
Oxford University Press, 2008.

B52.7 .M64 2008.
Mogck, Brian David.
Writing to reason: a companion for philosophy students and instructors
Blackwell Pub., 2008.

B53 .S5355 2008.
Slingerland, Edward G. (Edward Gilman).
What science offers the humanities : integrating body and culture
Cambridge University Press, 2008.

B67 .F67 1991.
Foster, David Blythe.
The philosophical scientists
Dorset Press, c1991.

B72 .G68 2000.
Gottlieb, Anthony.
The dream of reason: a history of western philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance
W.W. Norton, 2000.

B72 .G74 1992.
Great thinkers of the Western world : the major ideas and classic works of more than 100 outstanding Western philosophers, physical and social scientists, psychologists, religious writers, and theologians
edited by Ian P. McGreal.
HarperCollinsPublishers, c1992.

B72 .S86 2009.
Sunshine, Glenn S., 1958-
Why you think the way you do : the story of western worldviews from Rome to home
Zondervan, 2009.

B105.A55 P56 2009.
The philosophy of animal minds
edited by Robert W. Lurz.
Cambridge University Press, 2009.

B105.B64 S67 2009.
Springer, William C., 1930-
This is my body : an existential analysis of the living body
University Press of America, c2009.

B105.C45 M38 1994.
Matthews, Gareth B., 1929-
The philosophy of childhood
Harvard University Press, 1994.

B105.D48 E53 2008.
The end of dialogue in antiquity
edited by Simon Goldhill.
Cambridge University Press, 2008.

B105.E68 G38 2009.
Gasché, Rodolphe.
Europe, or the infinite task : a study
of a philosophical concept
Stanford University Press, 2009.

B105.J87 H36 2009.
Hamblet, Wendy C., 1949-
The lesser good : the problem of justice
in Plato and Levinas
Lexington Books, c2009.

B105.W3 E86 2006.
The ethics of war : shared problems in different traditions
edited by Richard Sorabji and David Rodin.
Ashgate, c2006.

B111 .C66 2006.
A companion to ancient philosophy
edited by Mary Louise Gill and Pierre Pellegrin.
Blackwell companions to philosophy ; 31.
Blackwell Pub., 2006.

B113 .H4513 2008.
Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976.
Basic concepts of ancient philosophy
translated by Richard Rojcewicz.
Indiana University Press, c2008.

B128.C8 C4927 2007.
Chin, Ann-ping, 1950-
The authentic Confucius : a life of thought and politics
Scribner, 2007.

B187.R46 M37 2004.
Martin, Dale B., 1954-
Inventing superstition : from the Hippocratics
to the Christians
Harvard University Press, 2004.

B187.5 .G33513 2001.
Gadamer, Hans-Georg, 1900-2002.
The beginning of knowledge
translated by Rod Coltman.
Continuum, c2001.

B223 .W5 1999.
Wheelwright, Philip Ellis, 1901-
Oxford University Press, 1999.

B235.P24 K56 1999.
Kingsley, Peter.
In the dark places of wisdom
Golden Sufi Center, 1999.

B317 .C58 2009.
A companion to Socrates
edited by Sara Ahbel-Rappe and Rachana Kamtekar.
Blackwell companions to philosophy; 34.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.

B395 .C64 2009.
A companion to Plato
edited by Hugh H. Benson.
Blackwell companions to philosophy; 37.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.

B395 .Z77 2009.
Zuckert, Catherine H., 1942-
Plato’s philosophers : the coherence of the dialogues
University of Chicago Press, 2009.

B398.C63 B69 2009.
Boyarin, Daniel.
Socrates and the fat rabbis
The University of Chicago Press, 2009.

B430 .T45 1949.
Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274.
In decem libros Ethicorum Aristotelis ad Nicomachum exposition cura et studio Raymundi M. Spiazzi.
Marietti, 1949.

B512 .C35 2009.
The Cambridge companion to epicureanism
edited by James Warren.
Cambridge University Press, 2009.

B759.M34 S77 2009.
Stroumsa, Sarah.
Maimonides in his world : portrait of a Mediterranean thinker: Jews, Christians, and Muslims from the ancient to the modern world.
Princeton University Press, c2009.

B765.A83 P73165 2005.
Anselm, Saint, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1033-1109.
P‘urosulrogion : sin chonchae chungmyong = Proslogion
Kong Song-ch‘ol yok.
Handul, 2005.

B765.D74 C753 2005.
Cross, Richard, 1964-
Duns Scotus on God
Ashgate studies in the history of philosophical theology.
Ashgate Pub., c2005.

B765.T5 G72 1950.  v.4.
Grenier, Henri.
Thomistic philosophy
translated from the Latin of the original Cursus philosophiae by J.P.E. O’Hanley.
St. Dunstan’s University, 1950.

B765.T53 Q92 1953. v.1. , v.2.
Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274.
Quaestiones disputatae cura et studio Raymundi Spiazzi.
Marietti, 1953.

B765.T54 A75 1996.
Arraj, Jim.
The mystery of matter: nonlocality, morphic resonance, synchronicity
and the philosophy of nature of Thomas Aquinas

Inner Growth Books, c1996.

B765.T54 C525 2009.
Clarke, W. Norris (William Norris), 1915-
The creative retrieval of Saint Thomas Aquinas :
essays in Thomistic philosophy, new and old
Fordham University Press, 2009.

B765.T54 K47 2009.
Kerr, Fergus.
Thomas Aquinas: a very short introduction
Oxford University Press, 2009.

B765.T54 S78 2003.
Stump, Eleonore, 1947-
Arguments of the philosophers.
Routledge, 2003.

B765.T54 T375 2000.
Aquinas as authority: a collection of studies presented at the second
conference of the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht, December 14-16, 2000

Paul van Geest, Harm Goris, Carlo Leget (eds.) ; with contributions of Mishtooni Bose …[et al.].
Publications of the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht ; new ser., v. 7.
Peeters, 2002.

B765.T54 W25 2009.
Wang, Stephen, 1966-
Aquinas and Sartre: on freedom, personal identity,
and the possibility of happiness
Catholic University of America Press, 2009.

B785.E64 B3165 1998.
Bainton, Roland Herbert, 1894-1984.
Erasumusu ui saengae : Urinun Erasumusu rul nomu chalmot al a watta
Pak Chong-suk.
K‘urisuch‘yan sinso.
K‘urisuch‘yan Daijesut‘u, 1998.

B785.E64 D56 2009.
Dodds, Gregory D.
Exploiting Erasmus : the Erasmian legacy and religious change in early modern England
Erasmus studies.
University of Toronto Press, c2009.

B785.M24 B46 2009.
Benner, Erica.
Machiavelli’s ethics
Princeton University Press, c2009.

B790 .B4 1960.
The European philosophers from Descartes to Nietzsche
edited with an introduction by Monroe C. Beardsley.
Modern Library, c1960.

B801 .T46 2009.
Thomas, Janice.
The minds of the Moderns : rationalism, empiricism and philosophy of mind
McGill-Queen’s University Press, c2009.

B804 .A21 2009.
12 modern philosophers
edited by Christopher Belshaw and Gary Kemp.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.

B818 .D26 2005.
Darwinism & philosophy
edited by Vittorio Hösle and Christian Illies.
University of Notre Dame Press, c2005.

B821 .W65 2010.
Wolfe, Cary.
What is posthumanism?
Posthumanities ; 8.
University of Minnesota Press, c2010.

B829.5 .C557 2009.
A companion to phenomenology and existentialism
edited by Hubert L. Dreyfus and Mark A. Wrathall.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.

B829.5 .M647 2000.
Moran, Dermot.
Introduction to phenomenology
Routledge, 2000.

B832 .C55 2006.
A companion to pragmatism
edited by John R. Shook and Joseph Margolis.
Blackwell companions to philosophy; 32.
Blackwell Pub., 2006.

B833 .B65 2009.
Brandom, Robert.
Reason in philosophy : animating ideas
Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2009.

B839 .K47 2002.
Kerr, Fergus.
After Aquinas: versions of Thomism
Blackwell Publishers, 2002.

B839 .K65 2003.
Knasas, John F. X.
Being and some twentieth-century Thomists
Fordham University Press, 2003.

B840 .S4 1969.
Searle, John R.
Speech acts : an essay in the philosophy of language
Cambridge University Press, 1969.

B931.P454 M37 2006.
Mascord, Keith.
Alvin Plantinga and Christian apologetics
forward [sic] by Graham Cole.
Paternoster theological monographs.
Paternoster, 2006.

B945.B774 H39 2009.
Hawhee, Debra.
Moving bodies: Kenneth Burke at the edges of language
Studies in rhetoric/communication.
University of South Carolina Press, c2009.

B945.D44 J56 2009.
John Dewey between pragmatism and constructivism
edited by Larry A. Hickman, Stefan Neubert, Kersten Reich.
American philosophy series (Unnumbered).
Fordham University Press, 2009.

B945.S24 B8 1968.
Butler, Richard, 1918-1988.
The mind of Santayana
Greenwood Press, 1968, c1955.

B995.L664 L53 1993.
Liddy, Richard M., 1938-
Transforming light : intellectual conversion in the early Lonergan
Liturgical Press, c1993.

B1248.H66 B35 2009.
Bagby, Laurie M.
Thomas Hobbes : turning point for honor
Lexington Books, c2009.

B1451 .M47 2008.
Merrill, Kenneth R. (Kenneth Rogers), 1932-
Historical dictionary of Hume’s philosophy
Historical dictionaries of religions, philosophies, and movements; no. 86.
Scarecrow Press, 2008.

B1498 .C26 2009.
The Cambridge companion to Hume
edited by David Fate Norton, Jacqueline Taylor.
Cambridge companions to philosophy.
Cambridge University Press, 2009.

B1606 .R44 2008.
Reeves, Richard.
John Stuart Mill : Victorian firebrand
Atlantic, 2008.

B1854 .C36 2009.
Carriero, John Peter.
Between two worlds : a reading of Descartes’s Meditations
Princeton University Press, c2009.

B1901.P43 S78 1950.
Pascal, Blaise, 1623-1662.
Pascal’s pensées
 with an English translation, brief notes and introduction by H.F. Stewart.
Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1950.

B1903 .B44 1988.
Blaise Pascal
edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
Modern critical views.
Chelsea House Publishers, c1989.

B1903 .C65 1986.
Coleman, Francis X. J.
Neither angel nor beast : the life and work of Blaise Pascal
Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986.

B2137 .Z37 2009.
Zaretsky, Robert, 1955-
The philosophers’ quarrel: Rousseau, Hume, and the limits of human understanding
Robert Zaretsky, John T. Scott.
Yale University Press, c2009.

B2430.B273 L6413 2009.
Badiou, Alain.
Logics of worlds : being and event, 2
translated by Alberto Toscano.
Continuum, c2009.

B2430.B273 T4413 2009.
Badiou, Alain.
Theory of the subject
translated, and with an introduction, by Bruno Bosteels.
Continuum, c2009.

B2430.B274 H35 2003.
Hallward, Peter.
Badiou : a subject to truth
foreword by Slavoj Zizek.
University of Minnesota Press, c2003.

B2430.B344 B43 2009.
Beauvoir and Sartre : the riddle of influence
edited by Christine Daigle and Jacob Golomb.
Indiana University Press, c2009.

B2430.C354 S54 2009.
Sherman, David, 1958-
Blackwell great minds; 7.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.

B2430.D483 B4813 2009. v.1.
Derrida, Jacques.
The beast & the sovereign
edited by Michel Lisse, Marie-Louise Mallet, and Ginette Michaud ;
translated by Geoffrey Bennington.
University of Chicago Press, 2009-

B2430.D484 M347 2009.
Marder, Michael, 1980-
The event of the thing : Derrida’s post-deconstructive realism
University of Toronto Press, c2009.

B2430.D484 M48 2009.
Mikics, David, 1961-
Who was Jacques Derrida? : an intellectual biography
Yale University Press, c2009.

B2430.D484 N32 2008.
Naas, Michael.
Derrida from now on
Perspectives in continental philosophy.
Fordham University Press, 2008.

B2430.D484 P47 2009.
Peters, Michael A.
Derrida, deconstruction, and the politics of pedagogy
Michael A. Peters and Gert Biesta.
Counterpoints (New York, N.Y.) ; v. 323.
Peter Lang, c2009.

B2430.D484 S54 2005.
Smith, James K. A., 1970-
Jacques Derrida : live theory
Continuum, c2005.

B2430.F723 A7313 1972.
Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984.
The archaeology of knowledge : and the discourse on language
translated from the French by A.M. Sheridan Smith.
Dorset Press, c1972.

B2430.F724 T36 2009.
Tanke, Joseph J.
Foucault’s philosophy of art : a genealogy of modernity
Continuum, c2009.

B2430.L484 A57 2009.
Allen, Sarah, 1974-
The philosophical sense of transcendence : Levinas and Plato on loving beyond being
Duquesne University Press, c2009.

B2430.L484 M365 2008.
Marcus, Paul, 1953-
Being for the other : Emmanuel Levinas, ethical living and psychoanalysis
Marquette studies in philosophy.
Marquette University Press, c2008.

B2430.L484 P465 2008.
Perpich, Diane.
The ethics of Emmanuel Levinas
Cultural memory in the present.
Stanford University Press, 2008.

B2430.M284 G73 2007.
Gschwandtner, Christina M., 1974-
Reading Jean-Luc Marion : exceeding metaphysics
Indiana series in the philosophy of religion.
Indiana University Press, c2007.

B2430.R553 V5813 2009.
Ricœur, Paul.
Living up to death
translated by David Pellauer.
University of Chicago Press, 2009.

B2430.S34 A5 2009.
Talking with Sartre : conversations and debates
edited and translated by John Gerassi.
Yale University Press, c2009.

B2430.T374 A3 1966.
Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre.
Teilhard de Chardin album
preface by André George ; designed and edited by Jeanne Mortier and Marie-Louise Aboux from the publications and letters of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and from papers preserved at the Fondation Teilhard de Chardin.
Harper & Row, 1966.

B2430.T374 F73 1961.
The world of Teilhard
edited by Robert T. Francoeur; with a preface by John LaFarge.
Helicon Press, c1961.

B2430.T374 P66 1965.
Ponschab, August.
Teilhard de Chardin : lehre, leben und werk
August Ponschab ; mit einem vorwort von Manfred Moser.
J. Egger, [1965].

B2745 .G33 2009.
Gabriel, Markus, 1980-
Mythology, madness, and laughter : subjectivity in German idealism
Markus  Gabriel and Slavoj Zizek.
Continuum, c2009.

B2779 .H4213 1997.
Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976.
Phenomenological interpretation of Kant’s Critique of pure reason
translated by Parvis Emad and Kenneth Maly.
Studies in Continental thought.
Indiana University Press, c1997.

B2784 .Z83 2007.
Zuckert, Rachel.
Kant on beauty and biology : an interpretation of the Critique of judgment  
Cambridge University Press, 2007.

B2798 .C75 2010.
A companion to Kant
edited by Graham Bird.
Blackwell companions to philosophy; 36.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

B2798 .K22273 2008.
Kant and the early moderns
edited by Daniel Garber and Béatrice Longuenesse.
Princeton University Press, c2008.

B2798 .M4235 2009.
McDowell, John Henry.
Having the world in view : essays on Kant, Hegel, and Sellars
Harvard University Press, 2009.

B2798 .S515 2009.
Shell, Susan Meld, 1948-
Kant and the limits of autonomy
Harvard University Press, 2009.

B2799.E8 B53 2009.
The Blackwell guide to Kant’s ethics
edited by Thomas E. Hill, Jr.
Blackwell guides to great works; 7.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.

B2799.G6 B67 2007.
Byrne, Peter, 1950-
Kant on God
Ashgate studies in the history of philosophical theology.
Ashgate, c2007.

B2901 .B87 2008.
Burbidge, John W., 1936-
Historical dictionary of Hegelian philosophy
Historical dictionaries of religions, philosophies, and movements; no. 90.
Scarecrow Press, 2008.

B2905 .B68 2009.
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831.
Heidelberg writings : journal publications
translated and edited by Brady Bowman, Allen Speight.
Cambridge University Press, 2009.

B2949.G63 D47 2003.
Desmond, William, 1951-
Hegel’s god : a counterfeit double?
Ashgate studies in the history of philosophical theology.
Ashgate, c2003.

B2949.S6 R67 2009.
Rose, Gillian.
Hegel contra sociology
Radical thinkers.
Verso, 2009.

B3213.B83 I2165 2000.
Buber, Martin, 1878-1965.
Na wa no
Kim Ch‘on-bae omgim.
Taehan Kidokkyo Sohoe, 2000.

B3248.G32 E5 2007.
Gadamer, Hans-Georg, 1900-2002.
The Gadamer reader: a bouquet of the later writings
edited by Richard E. Palmer ; translated from the German.
Northwestern University topics in historical philosophy.
Northwestern University Press, c2007.

B3248.G33 W3435 2009.
Gjesdal,  Kristin.
Gadamer and the legacy of German idealism
Modern European philosophy.
Cambridge University Press, 2009.

B3248.G34 F73 2009.
Frazier, Jessica, 1975-
Reality, religion, and passion : Indian and Western approaches
in Hans-Georg  Gadamer and Rupa Gosvami
Studies in comparative philosophy and religion.
Lexington Books, c2009.

B3258.H324 O88 2009.
Outhwaite, William.
Habermas : a critical introduction
Stanford University Press, c2009.

B3279 .H46 2004.
Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976.
The phenomenology of religious life
translated by Matthias Fritsch and Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei.
Studies in Continental thought.
Indiana University Press, c2004.

B3279.H47 E5713 2002.
Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976.
The essence of truth : on Plato’s cave allegory and Theaetetus
translated by Ted Sadler.
Continuum impacts.
Continuum, c2002.

B3279.H48 E3613 2005.
Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976.
Introduction to phenomenological research
translated by Daniel O. Dahlstrom.
Studies in Continental thought.
Indiana University Press, c2005.

B3279.H48 G76313 2009.
Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976.
Basic concepts of Aristotelian philosophy
translated by  Robert D. Metcalf and Mark B. Tanzer.
Studies in Continental thought.
Indiana University Press, c2009.

B3279.H48 G7713 1994.
Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976.
Basic questions of philosophy : selected “problems” of “logic”
translated by Richard Rojcewicz and André Schuwer.
Studies in Continental thought.
Indiana University Press, c1994.

B3279.H48 P4913 2001.
Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976.
Phenomenological interpretations of Aristotle : initiation into phenomenological research
translated by Richard Rojcewicz.
Studies in Continental thought.
Indiana University Press, c2001.

B3279.H49 C755 2008.
Crowe, Benjamin D., 1976-
Heidegger’s phenomenology of religion : realism and cultural criticism
Indiana series in the philosophy of religion.
Indiana University Press, c2008.

B3279.H49 F34513 2009.
Faye, Emmanuel.
Heidegger, the introduction of Nazism into philosophy in light of the
unpublished seminars of 1933-1935
translated by Michael B. Smith; foreword by Tom Rockmore.
Yale University Press, c2009.

B3279.H79 M257165 2006.
Macquarrie, John.
Haidegowa kidokkyo
Kang Hak-sun omgim.
Handul ch‘ulp‘an sa, 2006.

B3279.H92 E5213 1997.
Husserl, Edmund, 1859-1938.
Psychological and transcendental phenomenology and the confrontation with
Heidegger (1927-1931) : the Encyclopaedia Britannica article, the Amsterdam
lectures “Phenomenology and anthropology,” and Husserl’s marginal notes in Being and time, and Kant and the problem of metaphysics
edited and translated by Thomas Sheehan and Richard E. Palmer.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1997.

B3279.H93 A53 2001.
Husserl, Edmund, 1859-1938.
Analyses concerning passive and active synthesis :
lectures on transcendental logic
translated by Anthony J. Steinbeck.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2001.

B3279.H93 E37 1994.
Husserl, Edmund, 1859-1938.
Early writings in the philosophy of logic and mathematics
translated by Dallas Willard.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994.

B3279.H93 I23 1999.
Husserl, Edmund, 1859-1938.
The idea of phenomenology
 a translation of Die Idee der Phänomenologie, Husserliana II ;
translation and introduction by Lee Hardy.
Kluwer Academic, c1999.

B3279.H93 T48 1997.
Husserl, Edmund, 1859-1938.
Thing and space : lectures of 1907
translated [and edited] by Richard Rojcewicz.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1997.

B3279.H93 Z8413 1990.
Husserl, Edmund, 1859-1938.
On the phenomenology of the consciousness of internal time (1893-1917)
translated by John Barnett Brough.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1991.

B3313.Z73 O94 2007.
Owen, David, 1964-
Nietzsche’s Genealogy of morality
McGill-Queen’s University Press, c2007.

B3317 .H224 2008.
Haase, Ullrich M., 1962-
Starting with Nietzsche
Continuum, c2008.

B3317 .N4845 2009.
Nietzsche and Levinas : “after the death of a certain God”
edited by Jill Stauffer, Bettina Bergo.
Columbia University Press, c2009.

B3318.R4 B46 2008.
Benson, Bruce Ellis, 1960-
Pious Nietzsche : decadence and Dionysian faith
Indiana series in the philosophy of religion.
Indiana University Press, c2008.

B3376.W563 T73 2006.
White, Roger M.
Wittgenstein’s Tractatus logico-philosophicus
Continuum, c2006.

B3643 .I5713 2004. v.1.
Rosmini, Antonio, 1797-1855.
Introduction to philosophy
translated by Robert A Murphy.
Rosmini House, 2004-

B3998 .D45 2008.
Della Rocca, Michael.
Routledge philosophers.
Routledge, 2008.

B3998 .F28 2009.
Feminist interpretations of Benedict Spinoza
edited by Moira Gatens.
Re-reading the canon.
Pennsylvania State University Press, c2009.

B4377 .E92 2009.
Evans, C. Stephen.
Kierkegaard : an introduction
Cambridge University Press, 2009.

B4377 .E93 2005.
Evans, Jan E., 1949-
Unamuno and Kierkegaard : paths to selfhood in fiction
Lexington Books, c2005.

B4377 .F47 2009.
Ferreira, M. Jamie.
Blackwell great minds ; 8.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.

B4378.C5 W34 2009.
Walsh, Sylvia, 1937-
Kierkegaard : thinking Christianly in an existential mode
Christian theology in context.
Oxford University Press, 2009.

B4378.R44 L54 2009.
Llewelyn, John.
Margins of religion : between Kierkegaard and Derrida
Studies in Continental thought.
Indiana University Press, c2009.

BC71 .D24 1996.
Dauer, Francis Watanabe.
Critical thinking : an introduction to reasoning
Barnes & Noble, 1996, c1989.

BD21 .F35 2001.
Fearn, Nicholas.
Zeno and the tortoise : how to think like a philosopher
Grove Press, c2001.

BD21 .W37 1971.
Weinberg, Julius R. (Julius Rudolph), 1908-1971.
Problems in philosophical inquiry
[compiled by] Julius R. Weinberg, Keith E. Yandell.
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1971.

BD31 .I58 2010.
Introducing philosophy through film: key texts, discussion, and film selections
edited by Richard Fumerton and Diane Jeske.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

BD161 .G72 1969.
Grava, Arnolds.
A structural inquiry into the symbolic representation of ideas
Mouton, 1969.

BD163 .P6413 2009.
Popper, Karl R. (Karl Raimund), 1902-1994.
The two fundamental problems of the theory of knowledge
 edited by Troels Eggers Hansen ; translated by Andreas Pickel.
Routledge, 2009.

BD171 .B26 2009.
Barris, Jeremy.
The crane’s walk : Plato, pluralism, and the inconstancy of truth
Fordham University Press, 2009.

BD176 .F75 2007.
Fricker, Miranda.
Epistemic injustice : power and the ethics of knowing
Oxford University Press, 2007.

BD201 .R48 2009.
Rescher, Nicholas.
Unknowability : an inquiry into the limits of knowledge
Lexington Books, c2009.

BD241 .B78 1992.
Bruns, Gerald L.
Hermeneutics, ancient and modern
Yale University Press, c1992.

BD311 .M483 2009.
Metametaphysics : new essays on the foundations of ontology
edited by David Chalmers, David Manley, and Ryan Wasserman.
Clarendon Press ; Oxford University Press, 2009.

BD362 .T73 2007.
Transcendence and beyond : a postmodern inquiry
edited by John D. Caputo and Michael J. Scanlon.
Indiana series in the philosophy of religion.
Indiana University Press, c2007.

BD372 .M47 2008.
Mesle, C. Robert.
Process-relational philosophy : an introduction to Alfred North Whitehead
Templeton Foundation Press, c2008.

BD418.3 .D37 2008.
Dardis, Anthony.
Mental causation : the mind-body problem
Columbia University Press, c2008.

BD436 .S43 2007.
Secomb, Linnell.
Philosophy and love : from Plato to popular culture
Indiana University Press, c2007.

BD436 .S522 2009.
Singer, Irving.
Philosophy of love : a partial summing-up
MIT Press, c2009.

BD436 .W5 1962.
Wilhelmsen, Frederick D.
The metaphysics of love
Sheed and Ward, 1962.

BD450 .C56 2004.
Clarke, W. Norris (William Norris), 1915-
Person and being
Aquinas lecture ; 1993.
Marquette University Press, c2004.

BD450 .M495 1974.
Middelmann, Udo W., 1940-
Pr¯o·exist·ence : the place of man in the circle of reality
InterVarsity Press, c1974.

BD450 .S7775 2009.
Strawson, Galen.
Selves : an essay in revisionary metaphysics
Clarendon Press ; Oxford University Press Inc., 2009.

BD493 .O513 1984.
On the eternity of the world = De aeternitate mundi
St. Thomas Aquinas, Siger of Brabant, St. Bonaventure ;
translated from the Latin, with introductions by Cyril Vollert, Lottie H. Kendzierski, Paul M. Byrne.
Mediaeval philosophical texts in translation; no. 16.
Marquette University Press, c1984.

BD595 .P65 2006.
Poker and philosophy : pocket rockets and philosopher kings
edited by Eric Bronson.
Popular culture and philosophy.
Open Court ; Distributed by Publishers Group West, c2006.

BD638 .D69 2009.
Dowden, Bradley Harris.
The metaphysics of time : a dialogue
New dialogues in philosophy.
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2009.

BD638 .H585 2009.
Hoy, David Couzens.
The time of our lives : a critical history of temporality
MIT Press, c2009.

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3 Responses to Philosophy Titles Added in 2009-2010

  1. RDO says:

    Stamps Librarians, once again chose some great titles. What a good list! Nice display format, too.

  2. Angelika Lübben-Ponschab says:

    thanks for mentioning my
    father’s book. Angelika Ponschab

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