Terrific Resource to Bookmark: The Wabash Center

I enjoy highlighting resources that I think might be particularly helpful for the wider APU community, and one that I often showcase in classes is the website for the Wabash Center.

The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Religion and Theology is located at the Wabash College in Indiana. The website is one of the best and most complete gathering sites for information in the fields of religion and theology for faculty and students. Let me explain.

For faculty members, the site includes information about grants; seminars funded by the Lilly Endowment at the Center, such as workshops for pre-tenure and midcareer faculty and programs to cultivate the scholarship of writing and teaching about theology; and examples of course syllabi from seminaries and programs of religion throughout North America. The Internet Guide (found on the left margin of the site) also includes a pedagogy section with best teaching practices, religious education, and links to many programs and schools. It’s also a great resource when considering faith integration within many different disciplines.

For students, the Internet Guide is a great place to locate the best resources on the web in a wide range of theological/religious studies topics including world religions, Christian denominations, topics where religion intersects with other disciplines such as religion and science, religion and art etc., and ethical topics such as biomedical ethics, social ethics, war and peace, etc. The sites are reviewed by theological librarians and are considered some of the best of the web — it’s much more reliable than randomly searching the Internet (and faster too)!

You can get to the Wabash Center site by clicking on the link at the base of this blog under “Blogroll”.

Happy Researching!

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