Film Notes….

Since returning to California (and beginning my work at APU), I have become a fan of film. I didn’t grow up watching many movies – either because my parents were careful guides to what we watched or just as likely, because I found it difficult to sit still for 90 minutes or so! I can actually only recall seeing 3 films in the 10 years when I lived in the Washington DC area. I didn’t own a TV set for many years out of college and while I do now, I don’t have cable so I really only watch DVDs and videos on it.

As such, I find I am occasionally on a journey of discovery — either finding films that others have found long ago and sometimes, finding the new ones that friends have yet to view. I watch a variety of genres but enjoy films especially when I find a sort of God-breath in them. A number of the films that to me have spiritual content are small independent ones and foreign films. I imagine that some of the spirituality that I see might surprise the film crew and actors but I think there may be a sense of what Reformed theologians call “common grace” here at work. From time to time I hope to highlight some of these films. If you have seen them (or are inspired to), I’d love a dialogue! I’m writing up a current favorite now, the Japanese film “Departures” …

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