Reading (and meeting!) Dr. Justo Gonzalez

The Haggard School of Theology had the privilege last week of hosting Dr. Justo Gonzalez and his wife Dr. Catherine Gunsalus Gonzalez, both of whom are church historians and writers of many well-regarded books. APU students will recognize Dr. Gonzalez’ name because most of our church history classes use his books The Story of Christianity or A History of Christian Thought.


One of the things I especially enjoy hearing about from authors I respect is to discover what books and writers have influenced them. Here are a few of the names that Dr. Gonzalez shared with us:

Early writers such as Athenaeus, Irenaeus and Ignatius, as well as these 20th century writers: Roland Bainton (we have 23 of his books in our collection),                                   Karl Barth Church Dogmatics, Jacques Ellul (we have 33 of his books in our collection — he was influential to me as well!), and Gustavo Gutierrez (we have 17 of his books in our collection).

You can find any of these authors in our catalog at and then selecting “catalog”.  When you search our catalog you will also see that we have many books written by Dr. Gonzalez (44 in our collection!) – many of which are in Spanish and you will even find a few in Korean too.

Do you have a favorite book of Dr. Gonzalez?                                                                             Which writers have been influential to you?

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