Studying the Scripture with the Church Fathers

One of my favorite commentary sets is based upon a project that Dr. Thomas Oden began with patristic scholars, colleagues and doctoral students while at Drew University in the mid 1990s. The series is called The Ancient Christian Commentary (ACCs) and each commentary includes a translation of the passage studied and then includes comments derived from letters, sermons and other manuscripts that reflect the thinking of the leaders of the early Christian church, beginning with Clement of Rome (c. 95) to John of Damascus (c. 645 – c.749). While writings are certainly available in our collections on the thought(s) of the early church fathers, having these arranged by the book of the Bible you are studying can be quite helpful…and the works quoted have been translated into English and Spanish. Yes, Ciudad Nueva of Madrid (New City Press) has published this commentary set from InterVarsity Press into Spanish and the volumes have just been added to our Theology Reference collection.

There is a good article on the InterVarsity website containing an interview with Dr. Oden on the creation of this series. If you would like to know more about the methodology in constructing such a resource, the IVP website has also posted the introductory material explaining this in greater detail.

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