Faith Integration Resources

Faith integration is informed reflection on and discovery of Christian faith within the academic disciplines, professional programs, and lived practice, resulting in the articulation of Christian perspectives on truth and life in order to advance the work of God in the world. APU Senate definition on faith integration, 2011.

I had a good discussion yesterday with my colleague Dr. Paul Kaak, who serves as one of our APU Faith Integration Fellows. He suggested that it might be helpful for readers of this blog  to have a place on the index where they can locate some of the resources I post on faith integration. I have added a link and have gone back and selected posts that might either demonstrate integration or that might provide resources and ideas (and had fun re-reading some of the posts from last year!).

An additional area, which I did not link to this index, are the lists of new books in the theological collections…we work hard at finding great resources and you might find something useful by skimming through the lists when they are posted. In themselves, they are not necessarily examples of the integration process – but some books might give you a creative start! The Stamps Library was fortunate to receive a Lilly grant this year to help us build faith integration resources within our collections – so we will be regularly adding new materials that are interdisciplinary in addition to our selections to support our curriculum.

Both my colleague Michelle Spomer and I enjoy meeting with faculty and helping each person find resources that will engage faith with their disciplines. Please contact one of us – we are glad to help!

Here are a few good books to get you started:

Claerbaut, David
Faith and learning on the edge: a bold new look at religion in higher education.
Zondervan, 2004.

Plantinga, Cornelius
Engaging God’s World: A Christian Vision of Faith, Learning and Living.
Eerdmans, 2002.

Poe, Harry L.
Christianity in the academy: teaching at the intersection of faith and learning
Baker Academic, 2004.

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One Response to Faith Integration Resources

  1. Nancy Brashear says:

    Liz–good job of informing us with valuable resources, which I’m sure I’ll be using!–Nancy

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