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I had the opportunity to guest lecture in our Doctor of Ministry program last week and we spent some time discussing sources of religious survey data. One of the resources that I thought others might be interested in, are the surveys and data posted at the Pew Research Forum. The website has a wealth of resources covering all religions and has a global focus.

The Pew Forum has recently released a study on Global Christianity, and the study reports that there are 2.18 billion Christians ( of a 2010 world estimate of 6.9 billion people) from 200 countries. The survey says that the spread of Christianity is so far-flung that no single continent or region can claim to be the center.

The study shows remarkable world-wide changes since 1910 – for instance showing that Christianity in Europe in 1910 was 66.3% of the population and that today it is 25.9%. The report also states that Christianity has nearly quadrupled in size since 1910 – but then, so has the world population, so that the relative percentages of Christians in the world are nearly the same.

The report is fascinating! If you would like to learn more, here is a link to the study.

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One Response to Survey Resources

  1. Joseph Bentz says:

    This is fascinating information. Those statistics on Europe are discouraging. We should pray for revival!

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