New Database: Cambridge Collections Online

I mentioned earlier this week that we had added to our Past Masters database – a wonderful resource for seeking primary sources. We also have added the Cambridge Companions Online Database for Philosophy, Religion and Culture. This is a marvelous resource for secondary essays on major ideas and individuals who have shaped the theological and philosophical fields.

Earlier in the fall I wrote a review of this database for The Journal of Religious and Theological Information (it will appear sometime this spring) and was quite impressed with it … not realizing that through our grant that we would be able to add this too – a double blessing!

While we own many of these “Companion” volumes in print, the database can be searched topically by book or by the entire collection. As an example, I showed the database to doctoral nursing students on Monday evening. One of the students is researching grief and so we searched this database and discovered essays from Augustine to CS Lewis. All of the essays from this series are available online and the volumes contain excellent bibliographies as well.

You can access the database on the University Libraries database page under the letter “C” or with the theological databases under subject. As with all of our databases, you must be a part of the APU community to access them due to licensing restrictions.

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