Great Resource for Religious News

I subscribe to Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly (a great resource to summarize the religious news of the week from around the world) and today there is a re-print of a post of an interview with the late Madeline L’Engle, as her book A Wrinkle in Time is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. Amazingly, L’Engle received 30 publishing rejections before the book was published …and as of 2000 (when this interview appeared), it had gone through 66 printings! Should give all of us who are called as writers encouragement! To see the interview, click on the interview link above.

The Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly is the online version of the PBS show, so a podcast is linked to the site. There are lesson plans and other resources for educators (teaching through high school level), affiliated blogs, and a monthly calendar of celebrations in world religions. I don’t manage to always get to the newsletter every week – but when I do I always learn something new.

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