Rounding up recent religious news – July 2012.

Black Women are among the country’s most religious groups.

An article which appeared in the Washington Post on July 6th and funded in part by the Kaiser Family Foundation, says that as a group, Black women are among the most religious in the nation. Click here to read the article.

Belief in God Strongest in the U.S. and in Catholic countries.

“International surveys about the depth of people’s belief in God reveal vast differences among nations, ranging from 94 percent of people in the Philippines who said they always believed in God, compared to only 13 percent of people in the former East Germany. Yet the surveys found one constant—belief in God is higher among older people, regardless of where they live.” To read more about this fascinating study from the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago, click here.

Converting the Masai

I have mentioned in an earlier post that I enjoy reading Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, and thought I’d share a wonderful story from this week’s edition on the conversion of many of the Masai people to Christianity in the last decade. Click here for the story.

I seldom re-post news pieces like the ones above…if this is helpful to you, please comment and let me know (as I can certainly add them more often!).

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