Web Resources: InterVarsity Scholars networks

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a ministry that you have likely heard of – perhaps as a student member in a campus Bible study, through the triennial Urbana conferences, or through their publishing house, InterVarsity Press, but my guess is that many faculty and students are not as fully aware of the wonderful resources they provide through a series of websites, blogs and email lists to encourage and mentor academics in their spiritual life, to nurture graduate students, and to provide mentoring resources for undergraduate students as well. These resources are in a division of InterVarsity known as Graduate and Faculty Ministries.

I have met wonderful Christian scholars from across southern California at InterVarsity events and have had opportunities to encourage colleagues from schools that do not have a specifically Christian focus.

Here are three resources of the InterVarsity organization that you might find helpful – or might use to connect your students with:

1. The Well is a virtual gathering place online and on Facebook with articles posted monthly for women who are graduate students or faculty and who are seeking to walk in faith as academics. There are a variety of wonderful (and helpful) articles on the website
on finding and/or becoming a mentor, finding a good church, tackling major writing projects, etc.

2. The Lamppost is a quarterly newsletter delivered to you via email. The newsletter includes short articles on living life as a Christian and an academic and includes articles from faculty around North America. It also includes interviews and articles with scholars such as Dallas Willard and Nicholas Wolterstorff. There is information about upcoming conferences and meetings as well.

3. The Emerging Scholars Network is called “to identify, encourage, and equip the next generation of Christian scholars who seek to be a redeeming influence within higher education.” Articles and resources are posted to a website quarterly and updates can be found on the Emerging Scholars Network blog. I have found reviews of good books here (such as the current review of T.M. Luhrmann’s When God Talks Back: Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship with God) and recommendations for readings across a number of disciplines. For anyone mentoring students toward the academy, this is a good site to recommend.

InterVarsity also encourages professional ministries in the Health Sciences, Law, Business, and a Religious and Theological Studies Fellowship.  You can discover more details at the Professional Ministries page.

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