Web Resources: Khan Academy

Has it been awhile since you have studied (fill in the blank) …statistics, algebra, geometry? Want to know a little more about issues in finance or chemical equations? Did you hear about the Mark Rothko vandalism – but not really know much about his paintings? The Khan Academy website may be a great resource for you.

Salman Khan began by tutoring a cousin in math in 2004. He followed this by tutoring her brothers and then began tutoring his cousins as well. He decided it would be more efficient to create web tutorials, which he began doing in 2006. In 2009 he left his job as a hedge fund manager to begin the Khan Academy – a non-profit educational website that has more than 3,000 short videos in areas such as math and science, finance, and history.

Khan has since received funding from both Google and the Gates Foundation, has been selected by Fortune Magazine as one of it’s “40 Under 40” rising stars, was invited to speak at TED by Bill Gates, and has a book which was released this month: The One-World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined (Twelve, 2012).

I learned about this great website when I was visiting friends in Washington DC last spring. While there I went through a variety of the videos on economics and found them not only informative – but enjoyable as well! You might find this useful if you want to study up on a topic in statistics, help a student you know, or just learn something new.

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