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I’m afraid the end of the fall semester and then the Christmas holidays got the better of me and this blog – but, a new year and many great resources and ideas to highlight…so here we go. I hope you’ll join me!



The Center for the Study of Religion and Information at Kent State University has just announced The Sermon Texts Posting Sites Index (STPSI). According to their announcement, “STPSI is a directory of blogs and congregational web sites used by religious leaders for posting the text of their weekly sermons. The directory links to these blogs and web sites for easy access to sermon texts and includes the denominational affiliation and geographical location of each religious leader and the name of the congregation he or she serves. STPSI currently links to more than 100 blogs and congregational web sites and new links are added on a continuing basis. To be included in STPSI, a blog or congregational web site must add full-text sermons on a weekly or near weekly basis and the sermons must be written by a religious leader serving a community of worship at which the sermon was originally delivered.”

A separate blog, “The Sermon Content Review” is published bi-monthly  and according to the site, “the focus of SCR is on the social construction of knowledge and the influence of sermons in that process. Its purpose is to provide a snapshot sampling of the topics, issues, and events currently being addressed from pulpits around the country; to document the terminology, scripture texts, and information resources used; and, to discover early indicators, emerging trends, and research questions conducive for advancing the study of information and religion. The sermon texts used for the SCR are gathered from the clergy blogs and congregational websites listed on the Sermon Texts Posting Sites Index (STPSI)”.

The current SCR volume includes a review of sermons from a range of denominations (mostly from larger and mainline sources – of the selected 271 sermons, only one is listed from a non-denominational source) and from churches in nearly every state. The most frequently preached texts are included as well as links to sermons. The site provides a fascinating look at what is being taught in churches – themes, scripture passages, and provides a multi-denominational view.

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