Recent additions to our collections – September 2013

These new books have arrived over the summer (along with quite a few more – a few lists are in the preparation!). Enjoy…

analogiaB765.T54 L63 2011.
Long, Steven A.
Analogia entis : on the analogy of being, metaphysics, and the act of faith
University of Notre Dame Press, c2011.

postmodernB831.2 .B468 1997.
Best, Steven.
The postmodern turn
Steven Best, Douglas Kellner.
Guilford Press, 1997.

hermeneuticsBD241 .P67 2011.
Porter, Stanley E.,
Hermeneutics :  an introduction to interpretive theory
Stanley E. Porter & Jason C. Robinson.
William B. Eerdmans, 2011.


companionsBJ1251 .W445 2006.
Wells, Samuel
God’s companions : reimagining Christian ethics
Blackwell Pub., 2006.

laythamBL65.C8 L39 2012.
Laytham, D. Brent.
iPod, YouTube, Wii play : theological engagements with entertainment
Cascade Books, c2012.

storrBL72 .S76 1996.
Storr, Anthony.
Feet of clay: saints, sinners, and madmen : a study of gurus
Free Press, c1996.

welkerBL240.3 .S69 2012.
The Spirit in creation and new creation:
science and theology in Western and Orthodox realms
edited by Michael Welker.
W.B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2012.

yongBL240.3 .Y66 2011.
Yong, Amos.
The spirit of creation: modern science and divine action
in the Pentecostal-charismatic imagination
W.B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2011.

BL410 .K55 1995.
Knitter, Paul F.
One earth, many religions :
Multifaith dialogue and global responsibility
Orbis Books, c1995.
.byrne2BL473 .B97 2011.
Byrne, Máire.
The names of God in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam :
A basis for interfaith dialogue
Continuum, c2011.

grassoBL2525   .T49 2012.
Theology and public philosophy : four conversations
[edited by] Kenneth L. Grasso and Cecilia Rodriguez Castillo.
Lexington Books, [c2012].

gregory2BL2747.8 .G74 2012.
Gregory, Brad S.
The unintended Reformation : how a religious revolution secularized society
Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2012.

BM497.2 1983.
Mishnah. Selections.
Mishnayoth : pointed Hebrew text, English translation, introductions, notes, supplement, appendix, indexes, addenda, corrigenda
by Philip Blackman.
Judaica Press, 1983, c1963..

motleyBM518.P3 P37 2011.
Parables of the sages : Jewish wisdom from Jesus to Rav Ashi 
selected and annotated by R. Steven Notley, Ze’ev Safrai ;
[translated from the Hebrew by R. Steven Notley].
Jerusalem : Carta, c2011.

reynolds2BP55 .R49 2012.
Reynolds, Gabriel Said.
The emergence of Islam : classical traditions in contemporary perspective
Fortress Press, c2012.

TrollBP172 .T76613 2012.
Troll, Christian W., 1937-
Muslims ask, Christians answer
translated from the German by David Marshall.
New City Press, c2012.

porter2BP187.3 .H2443 2012.
Hajj: journey to the heart of Islam
edited by Venetia Porter, with M.A.S. Abdel Haleem … [et al.].
Harvard University Press, 2012.

heidt2BR44 .H43 2012.
Heidt, Mari Rapela
A guide for writing about theology and religion
Anselm Academic, 2012.

heineBR65.O68 H44 2010.
Heine, Ronald E.
Origen : scholarship in the service of the Church
Oxford University Press, 2010.

sabatesBR110 .S23 2012.
Sabates, Angela M.
Social psychology in Christian perspective:
Exploring the human condition.
IVP Academic, 2012.

burchettBR114 .B87 2004.
Burchett, Dave.
Bring ’em back alive: a healing plan for those wounded by the church
WaterBrook Press, c2004.

DupontBR114 .D87 2004.
Dupont, Marc.
Toxic churches : restoration from spiritual abuse
Chosen Books, 2004.

stassenBR115.C8 S725 2012.
Stassen, Glen Harold
A thicker Jesus : incarnational discipleship in a secular age
Westminster John Knox Press, c2012.

BR115.P7 W25 2012.
Walking together :
Christian thinking and public life in South Africa

Joel Carpenter, editor.
ACU Press, 2012..

burkeBR121.3 .O98 2007.
Out of the ooze : unlikely love letters to the church from beyond the pew
Spencer Burke, curator.
NavPress, c2007.

BR123 .E74 1991.
Ethics in the present tense : readings from Christianity and crisis, 1966-1991
edited by Leon Howell and Vivian Lindermayer.
Friendship Press, c1991.

heimBR127 .H42 1995.
Heim, S. Mark.
Salvations : truth and difference in religion
Orbis Books, c1995.

schmidt2BR127 .S365 2009.
Schmidt-Leukel, Perry.
Transformation by integration:
how inter-faith encounter changes Christianity
SCM, c2009.

fergusonBR165 .F37.
Ferguson, Everett
Early Christians speak : faith and life in the first three centuries
ACU Press, c1999-c2002.
2 vols.

BR165 .F373 2012.
Ferguson, Everett
The early church and today.
Abilene Christian University Press, c2012..

evansBR305.3 .E93 2012b.
Evans, G. R. (Gillian Rosemary).
The roots of the Reformation : tradition, emergence and rupture
IVP Academic, c2012.

bielfeldtBR333.3 .B54 2008.
Bielfeldt, Dennis D.
The substance of the faith: Luther’s doctrinal theology for today
Dennis Bielfeldt, Mickey L. Mattox, and Paul R. Hinlicky;
edited and introduced by Paul R. Hinlicky.
Fortress Press, c2008.

edwards2BR350.T8 E25 1988.
Edwards, Brian (Brian H.).
God’s outlaw
Evangelical Press, c1988.

hazlettBR377 .H39 2003.
Hazlett, Ian, 1944-
The Reformation in Britain and Ireland : an introduction
T & T Clark, c2003.

brekusBR515 .A48 2011.
American Christianities : a history of dominance and diversity
edited by  Catherine A. Brekus and W. Clark Gilpin.
University of North Carolina Press, c2011.
Also available as an e-book

BR515 .L36 2012.
Lantzer, Jason S.
Mainline Christianity : the past and future of America’s majority faith
New York University Press, c2012.
Also available as an e-book. .

simmonsBR526 .S56 2008.
Simmons, Brian.
Falling away: why Christians lose their faith & what can be done about it
Leafwood Pub., c2008.

BR563.N4 S49 2012.
Shelton, Jason E.
Blacks and Whites in Christian America :
how racial discrimination shapes religious convictions
Jason E. Shelton and Michael O. Emerson.
New York University Press, c2012.

balzerBR737.C4 B35 2007.
Balzer, Tracy
Thin places : an evangelical journey into Celtic Christianity
Leafwood, 2007.

husselbeeBR759 .F74 2012.
Free churches and society: the nonconformist contribution
to social welfare, 1800-2010
edited by Lesley Husselbee and Paul Ballard.
Continuum, c2012.

lampe2BR878.R7 L3513 2006.
Lampe, Peter, 1954-
From Paul to Valentinus : Christians at Rome in the first two centuries
Translated by Michael Steinhauser ; edited by Marshall D. Johnson.
T&T Clark International, [2006].

campolo2BR1642.U5 C34 2008.
Campolo, Anthony.
Red letter Christians: a citizen’s guide to faith & politics
Regal, c2008.

synanBR1644 .S69 2011.
Spirit-empowered Christianity in the twenty-first century
Vinson Synan, general editor.
Charisma House, 2011.

mccarthyBR1710 .M36 2012.
McCarthy, David Matzko.
Sharing God’s good company : a theology of the Communion of Saints
William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2012.

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