Saint John’s Heritage Edition Bible on Display

Year with St John's BibleThis academic year we are privileged to host two volumes from The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition in the Hugh & Hazel Darling Library. We are exhibiting the Pentateuch and Gospels & Acts volumes and are highlighting these beautiful works with classes, tours, and special events throughout the year. Currently, the Pentateuch volume is in a special case near the front entrance of the Darling Library. In the spring semester we will feature the Gospels & Acts volume.

SJ_Adam2 The Saint John’s Bible is the first hand written and hand illuminated Bible in 500 years and was commissioned by St. John’s Abbey and University of Collegeville, Minnesota. The Heritage Edition is one of 299 exact facsimiles and has been shown in museums and libraries throughout the world.

The exhibit is being curated by my colleague Luba Zakharov, and she has a variety of activities and special events planned throughout the year. She is highlighting these events on a blog she has created. If you would like to follow this for the most up to date information, click here. She also has more images and information about the artists behind these beautiful volumes. The photo below shows the Pentateuch volume in its case in the Darling Library (photograph supplied from Luba Zakharov).

Gospel Of John Frontispiece and Incipit, Donald Jackson, Copyright 2002, The Saint John’s Bible and the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, Order of Saint Benedict, Collegeville, MN, USA.
Adam and Eve, Donald Jackson with contribution by Chris Tomlin, 2003, The Saint John’s Bible, Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota, USA.


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2 Responses to Saint John’s Heritage Edition Bible on Display

  1. Joseph Bentz says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for writing about this.

  2. Librarian says:

    I might also note that Liturgical Press has published the Saint John’s Bible in a seven volume set that is currently on available in the Stamps Theological Library for view should anyone want to compare this smaller set with The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition.

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