April is National Poetry Month!

poetry1National Poetry Month was begun in 1996 by the American Academy of Poets to annually celebrate poetry and the important place it has in American culture. The organization has a terrific website with 30 Ways to Celebrate  and includes clever ideas like “Watch a poetry movie” and “Take a poem to lunch.” There are many creative ideas throughout the website – you can take a look at all of the suggestions here.

Meanwhile, I thought I would highlight some of our resources in the Stamps Library related to poetry. We have a great many titles, particularly in the area of Hebrew Bible, as well as titles related to faith integration. The following is a sampling:

ballingerBallinger, Phillip A.
The Poem as Sacrament:
The Theological Aesthetic of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Peeters, 2000.

early methodistChilcote, Paul Wesley, ed.
Early Methodist Spirituality: Selected Women’s Writings
Kingswood Books, 2007.

guiteGuite, Malcolm
Faith, Hope and Poetry: Theology and the Poetic Imagination
Ashgate, 2010.

charles wesleyKimbrough, S.T., Jr.  and Oliver A. Beckerlegge, eds.
The Unpublished Poetry of Charles Wesley
Kingswood Books, 1988-1992.

ortonOrton, David E., ed.
Poetry in the Hebrew Bible: Selected studies from Vetus Testamentum
Brill, 2000.

pietyWitherington, Ben and Christopher Mead Armitage
The Poetry of Piety: An Annotated Anthology of Christian Poetry
Baker Academic, 2002.



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