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Easter_crossHoly Week has begun …a time for remembering the darkest and the brightest days on the Christian calendar. I thought I would share this poem as a means of remembrance…


Et Resurrexit Tertia Die
(Bach, Credo, B-Minor Mass)

Three short days of twilight and darkness,
dawn and the light. The elements, free
of all knowledge, unblessed by prediction, yet sensed the
suspense —
Creator entombed by creation, the loftiest heights
brought low, the universe madly askew. Three
short days with the length of three endless nights.

Three times, forced by its nature to shine
the sun reluctantly rose. In the skies no sign
through clouds of a bow. The earth which knew not how
its Maker turned Captive had been yet felt the wrong.
The winds whistled dirges. Three endless
Days — then the groan of creation exploded in song.

Mark A. Noll
From A Widening Light: Poems of the Incarnation

This was selected for inclusion in the Nelson’s Anthology series:
The Cross: An Anthology
Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2003 (pp 122-123).

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