The James L. Stamps Theological Library blog is written by Liz Leahy, Professor of Theological Bibliography and Research at Azusa Pacific University. I love good books and ideas – and I love to connect people with them! This blog will include updates on theological resources and ideas for your research or study as well as thoughts on faith and scholarship.

I have been a part of the Azusa Pacific University community for 20 years (I can hardly believe it myself – but what a wonderful place the Lord has allowed me to invest myself in!). My work with the University Libraries has included developing much of the Stamps Theological Library collections (now this work is shared with my colleague Michelle Spomer) and serving as Chair in the Marshburn Library during the renovation of the facility in 1999-2000. I occasionally teach in the areas of church history, Christian classics, and spiritual formation and was privileged to serve on the faculty of the High Sierra Program in it’s first 4 years. Prior to my work at APU I spent 10 years in Washington DC and Northern Virginia serving in various ministry capacities, as a researcher, writer and librarian, a speechwriter (US Dept of Education), and as a senior research analyst at the Library of Congress.


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